• Deirdre O’Carroll

    Deirdre O’Carroll, Blender

  • Dylan Gorman

    Dylan Gorman, Bond Controller

  • Sinead D’Arcy

    Sinead D’Arcy, Head of Jameson International Graduate Programme & iGrow Lead

  • John Carroll

    John Carroll, Marketing & Brand Experiences Manager

At Irish Distillers, we live and love whiskey. Our shared spirit is guided by our values. We’re proud to be part of the Irish Distillers family because special things happen when Real, Remarkable and Responsible people come together.

Our culture is a blend of curiosity and conviviality. As makers of some of the world’s most enjoyed whiskeys, each of us has a role to play in creating magic moments through our portfolio of brands.  Our enthusiasm for what we do is infectious. The spirit we share gives us purpose and makes life at Irish Distillers special. And what’s life without a little spirit?

Our Culture & Values

At Irish Distillers we are a collective of innovative and enthusiastic individuals working together to bring our brands to the world.  We pride ourselves on our convivial nature.

Our award-winning peer-to-peer employee recognition programme celebrates and rewards the employees who embody our values; Real, Remarkable and Responsible.

We are Real

Being Real is the basis of what we do here in Irish Distillers. We are a company that is built on people – warm, friendly, respectful and inclusive people.

  • Respect
  • Listen
  • Straight talking
  • Friendly
  • Inclusive

We are Remarkable

Being Remarkable is what sets us apart from other brands and companies. We transform water and cereals into the world’s leading Irish Whiskey and work tirelessly to ensure our products are on every shelf around the world.

  • Passionate
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Go the extra mile
  • Infectious enthusiasm
  • Act as role models

We are Responsible

 We are Responsible in everything that we do. Our business is only sustainable if we are all Responsible. The choices we make today will shape our business for the next generation.

  • Own business mindset
  • Heritage
  • Responsible Drinking
  • Environment Champions
  • Community Spirited

Meet our people

Meet Tommy, Tutor at the Irish Whiskey Academy

Meet Sisi, Jameson Graduate Programme Alumni

Meet Aisling, Packaging Shift Manager

Sustainability and Responsibility

At Irish Distillers we are committed to minimising our environmental impact and maximising our contribution to the communities from which we have grown. Our Sustainability and Responsibility roadmap is based on four pillars;

— Nurturing terroir

We nurture our terroir and its biodiversity. We aim to respond to the challenges of climate change to ensure access to quality ingredients now and for generations to come.

— Valuing people

Our number one priority is the Health and Safety of everyone who works at Irish Distillers. We also focus on increasing diversity and empowering people across our supply chain.

— Circular making

We aim to minimise waste at every step by imagining, producing and distributing our products in ways that optimise and help preserve natural resources.

— Responsible hosting

We promote responsible drinking in society by evolving our business and marketing activities, taking action on harmful drinking and engaging with our stakeholders for real change.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Irish Distillers we are committed to creating a balanced business that values and embraces differences. Our initiatives to build an inclusive work environment include supports such as flexible working, wellbeing programmes and parental coaching.

“My advice to other women interested in STEM is simply to be fearless in pursuing the career you want, even if it’s in a traditionally male sector. You will be surprised by the strides that you can achieve. I have been supported by Irish Distillers every step of the way, and even picked up a Cork accent.”

— Larissa Marrichi, Distiller, Micro Distillery

Aleksei Petrov

“Throughout my time with Irish Distillers, I have felt nothing but respect, inclusivity and friendship. I am truly grateful for the support I have received during many personal and professional milestones over the last 14 years. I hope that this maturation process of mine will continue here for many more years to come and I can continue to contribute to our ongoing success”

— Aleksei Petrov, Transformation Manager, Operations at Fox & Geese

“We pride ourselves on open conversations with our teams; our agencies and our partners and have created a space where every person can contribute in a unique and meaningful way. That feeling of security is the key to unlocking creativity”

— Fiona Curtin, Global Planning and Communications Director, International Marketing

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