Irish Distillers is Ireland’s leading supplier of spirits and wines and producer of the world’s most well-known and successful Irish whiskeys. Led by Jameson, our brands are exported to 130+ markets.


We live and love whiskey – and the people who make it. We share a love for the good things in life, celebrated in company with warmth and affection. Generations of our distillers kept the single pot still tradition alive because we believed it produced the best whiskey and would stand the test of time. For over 300 years we have been inspired by a passion for uncompromising quality – and by a fierce family spirit.


Irish Distillers people are understated yet unstoppable; supportive but adventurous; independent, but with a talent for collaboration. We admire authenticity. We love to work with those who take their whiskey more seriously than themselves. These are people who think life is for living and a glass is for raising. Positive people, who help others, making the world a better place. Long before it was fashionable, our founders paid good wages, provided housing and looked after workers’ welfare. Our people keep that spirit alive, backing the business because the business backs them.


In our world, you maintain your reputation by doing the right things – always. You follow your conscience, even when no one is looking. You value the genuine and the humble, fairness and integrity, whilst protecting craft and family. As custodians of a shared history, you take pride in keeping the pioneering spirit of our founders alive, as you help to write another remarkable chapter in the ongoing Irish Distillers story.

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