Who We Are

At Irish Distillers, we live and love whiskey. But in our world, it’s the people who come first. They always have. It’s why we think of ourselves as a family. A family whose heritage and reputation has been built around mutual trust and a belief in producing the world’s best whiskey.

We are passionate about what we do. We have kept our tradition alive because we believe that Ireland produces the best whiskey in the world. Our whiskey has proved to pass the test of time, delivering uncompromising quality for over 200 years. There are over 600 hundred of us, all working together to share our passion and products with whiskey lovers the world over.

We’ve led the global renaissance in Irish whiskey and welcome over 400,000 visitors to our home every year. We are also Ireland’s leading supplier of spirits and wines, distributing the Pernod Ricard portfolio of brands across Ireland.

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Our Way

Inspired by our founders, we’ve protected our craft and family with fierce determination across the centuries. Their uncompromising commitment to do their best, use the best ingredients – and be the best – made us who we are today. Understated yet unstoppable. Supportive but adventurous. Independent, with a talent for collaboration.

Constantly reinventing ourselves, but never changing what really matters: the quality of what we make and the integrity with which we make it. Our forefathers were pioneers. We too are working on new frontiers, teaching timeless skills to the next generation and introducing Irish Distillers to new markets. We continue to innovate to this day with our Micro Distillery allowing us to explore experimental new mash bills and distillates.

Our collaboration with other producers has led to developing new maturation techniques and products for whiskey lovers to enjoy. Yet what makes us proudest of all is the fact that as we write the next chapter in our story, the spirit of our founders lives on and burns bright.

Sustainability & Responsibility

We believe in fairness, integrity and community, with a deep respect for the environment in which we operate. Not because someone said we should, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Our commitment to sustainability and responsibility is expressed in 4 key areas:

-Responding to the challenges of climate change

-Increasing diversity and fairness for our own people and those across our supply chain

-Helping to preserve natural resources

-Combatting alcohol misuse

Our products are made for sharing and savouring, bringing people together for positive experiences and we believe that conviviality can only thrive when there is no excess.


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Our Products

Our Experiences

We love nothing more than welcoming fellow whiskey lovers into our home and crafting unique whiskey experiences to share with the world. Why not try one of the below experiences and discover what makes the world’s most loved Irish whiskeys so special.

Our People

Our people are understated yet unstoppable; supportive but adventurous; independent, but with a talent for collaboration. We admire authenticity. We love to work with those who take their whiskey more seriously than themselves. These are people who think life is for living and a glass is for raising. Positive people, who help others, making the world a better place. Long before it was fashionable, our founders paid good wages, provided housing and looked after workers welfare. Our people keep that spirit alive, backing the business because the business backs them.

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  • Larissa Marrichi


    As Distiller at the Micro Distillery, I worked in our innovation and experimentation hub helping create one of Irish Distillers most exciting innovations to date – Method and Madness

  • Annette Smith

    Technical Trainer

    When I started in 2005, our bottling plant at Fox & Geese was completely different. I have been involved in the installation of our most up-to-date machinery and now it is almost unrecognisable. I am so proud of what we have achieved so far.

  • Barry Aherne

    Foreman, Spirit Store

    As foreman I help organise the day to day running of the Spirit Store: the filling, transport and storage of immature and mature product. It’s a pleasure to work closely with the raw materials that become some of the world’s most enjoyed whiskeys.

  • Bernadette Hayes

    Experience Team Leader

    I lead a busy reservation, reception & tour team to ensure we provide a world class experience for tourists and whiskey enthusiasts alike. I take pride in recruiting the best brand ambassadors to make this possible.

  • Carol Quinn

    Irish Distillers Archivist

    In our archives in Midleton, I’m lucky to have a job where I see history brought to life every day.

Our Spirit

In our world, you maintain your reputation by doing the right things always. You follow your conscience, even when no one is looking. You value the genuine and the humble, fairness and integrity, whilst protecting craft and family. As custodians of a shared history, you take pride in keeping the pioneering spirit of our founders alive, as you help to write another remarkable chapter in the ongoing Irish Distillers story.

Here’s some insight into what our team have to say about working at Irish Distillers.

Podcast: A Story Of Irish Whiskey

Every family has secrets. And family dynasties surely have more secrets than most. How exactly does generation after generation seemingly have the Midas touch, conquering markets around the globe from the US to China? But then you find yourself in a crisis. This is the story of three families who found themselves in this position. A Story of Irish Whiskey and how three families saved it from extinction.

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