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Redbreast Irish Whiskey unveils seventh and final release in famed Dream Cask series: Redbreast Dream Cask Zenith Edition

May 16, 2024

A 38-year-old single pot still Irish whiskey honouring tradition and innovation, crafted by Master Blender Dave McCabe and Master Blender Emeritus Billy Leighton

Redbreast Irish Whiskey, produced by Irish Distillers at its world-renowned Midleton Distillery in Co. Cork, proudly unveils the seventh and final edition of its acclaimed premium Dream Cask collection – Redbreast Dream Cask Zenith Edition. Released to mark World Whisky Day 2024, whiskey enthusiasts will have the exclusive opportunity to purchase this limited-edition, final chapter in the Redbreast Dream Cask Series for an RRP of €1,000 via an online ballot which opens at 12pm GMT on Monday, May 20th.

Bottled at a strength of 45.3% ABV, Redbreast Dream Cask Zenith Edition is the oldest release in the series, aptly named to signify the series reaching its highest point. Distilled in 1985, the whiskey spent 27 years in bourbon casks, before spending the rest of its time in a first-fill Oloroso sherry cask, resulting in a 38-year-old single pot still that boasts American oak ex-bourbon spice and vanilla tones alongside the Oloroso sherry cask’s influence of ripe and juicy blackcurrant with subtle chocolate and nutty undertones.

Aged to perfection by Master Blender Dave McCabe and Master Blender Emeritus Billy Leighton, Redbreast Dream Cask Zenith Edition embraces the art of finely tuning the flavour of whiskey during maturation through the skill of recasking, a method that honours both Redbreast’s heritage and future. This process allows the Master Blenders to carefully craft and unlock such a unique flavour profile, which for this edition, results in an exemplary expression that is truly fitting to culminate such a poignant Redbreast chapter.

Mirroring the collection’s roots as a time-honoured celebration, both the first and last Redbreast Dream Cask editions were distilled in 1985 and share traditional pot still style, typical of Redbreast. While the 2018 inaugural release, bottled at 32 years, ventured into Oloroso Sherry barrels in 2011, the Zenith Edition recasked into sherry casks in 2013 was left to continue to mature until now, creating this 38-year-old masterpiece. The Redbreast Dream Cask collection has been nothing short of historic, evolving from Master Blender Emeritus Billy Leighton’s initial aspiration to bottle something truly exceptional. Through the expertise and dedication of our blenders at Midleton Distillery, each chapter of the Redbreast Dream Cask collection has offered its own unique aroma, flavour and finish that have been enjoyed by Redbreast fans around the world. The final chapter of the collection, Redbreast Dream Cask Zenith Edition, is a fitting tribute to conclude where the collection began, marking the end of a chapter for Leighton and alluding to the exciting future ahead for McCabe’s new role as Master Blender.

Speaking about the launch, Billy Leighton, Master Blender Emeritus, says:

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The release of Redbreast Dream Cask Zenith Edition marks a bittersweet moment – the end of a remarkable chapter. This collection has been a labour of love and each edition has been a celebration of the craft and passion that defines Redbreast. Handing over the baton to Dave fills me with pride, knowing that the legacy of exceptional whiskey-making will thrive under his expertise.

Dave McCabe, Master Blender at Irish Distillers, adds:

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As I take on the role of Master Blender, I am both honoured and excited to be part of the legacy forged by Billy. This release represents a grand finale of the Redbreast Dream Cask collection and symbolises the culmination of tradition, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Working alongside Billy has been an honour, and Redbreast Dream Cask Zenith Edition as the final Dream Cask release, acts as the perfect ode to Billy’s passion which inspired the Dream Cask series in the first place.

Available to purchase at RRP €1,000, exclusively through an online ballot for Redbreast Birdhouse members which opens at 12pm GMT on Monday, May 20th, this release is a rare and fitting conclusion to the historic series, with each bottle presented in a keepsake book, made from recyclable cardboard, detailing the latest instalment in the Dream Cask journey.

To be in with a chance to purchase Redbreast Dream Cask Zenith Edition, sign up to the Redbreast Birdhouse before May 20th and discover more information on how to enter the ballot here:

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Tasting Notes

Nose: A wonderful and rich combination of herbs and spices with notes of menthol, liquorice, rosemary, and allspice. Fruit elements offer aromas of black cherry and blackcurrants with hints of mango and orange peel. Many years of ageing in a combination of seasoned oak casks give an impression of antique furniture, delicate wood resin and linseed.

Taste: Tropical and fleshy fruits intermingle with luscious, smooth waves of vanilla and chocolate. Soft oak tannins eventually shine through, enhancing the pot still spices and showcasing notes of black peppercorns, freshly picked garden mint and a mild ginger spice. The fruits continue to build, working in harmony with the nutty undertones. The influences of Oloroso sherry add further intricacy to this complex whiskey.

Finish: Lingering, with the spices eventually fading, leaving the fruits and oak to have the final word.