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Redbreast Irish Whiskey Unveils Missouri Oak Edition, a Limited-Edition Expression to Join U.S. Exclusive Collection

May 8, 2024

A fusion of Irish tradition with an American innovative twist, Redbreast Missouri Oak Edition sees beloved Redbreast meticulously aged in Virgin Missouri oak sourced from the esteemed Ozark forest

Redbreast, Ireland’s most awarded single pot still whiskey*, is delighted to announce the latest addition to its U.S. exclusive collection – Redbreast Missouri Oak Edition. This extraordinary expression, finished in virgin Missouri oak barrels, brings a captivating twist to the renowned Redbreast liquid.

To celebrate the new launch, Redbreast, known as a champion for bird preservation, has sponsored a research study into the magnificent Cerulean Warblers that breed in the Ozark forest, with the songbird gracing the packaging of the new expression in homage. Launching on 8th May, whiskey enthusiasts across the United States will have the exclusive opportunity to experience this limited-edition release, for a RRP of $199.

Bottled at a robust 50.5% ABV, Redbreast Missouri Oak Edition seamlessly combines the signature Redbreast single pot still whiskey profile, aged in sherry and ex-bourbon barrels, with the unique influence of virgin Missouri oak from the Ozark Forest for 10 months. This exceptional oak takes centre stage, elevating the Redbreast classic flavour profile with notes of cinnamon and ground ginger, which complimented with the rich oak tannins, lead into a satisfyingly long finish.

The whiskey offers a symphony of flavours, opening with generous waves of toffee apple and vanilla, followed by ripe blackcurrants and black cherries. Simultaneously, the rich oak tannins soften into the background to welcome a luscious and creamy texture that seamlessly intertwines with the building sweetness, vibrant spices, and berries. The nuttiness and pot still spices linger before gracefully yielding to the soft oak notes, leaving a lasting impression that beckons for another sip.

Speaking about the launch, Master Blender Dave McCabe says:

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The whiskey spent a total of 10 months maturing in the exquisite virgin Missouri oak barrels crafted by Kelvin Cooperage. Due to the nature of virgin oak barrels being so giving in flavour during maturation, it was crucial for us to regularly sample the evolving liquid to ensure it imparted a measured influence that didn’t overpower the signature Redbreast style. After 10 months, the expression had attained its peak flavour, with the Missouri oak imparting distinct notes of cinnamon and ground ginger, complemented by subtle nutty undertones reminiscent of pecan pie.

As a brand that has been dedicated to sustainable forest management and the conservation of birdlife, Redbreast has proudly sponsored a study in partnership with the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Arkansas State University, the University of Kentucky, and American Bird Conservancy to mark the release of Redbreast Missouri Oak Edition. Under the guidance of Dr. Jeff Larkin, Dr. Than Boves, and Dr. Darin McNeil, the research endeavours to evaluate Cerulean Warbler breeding season habitat use in oak forests of eastern Northern America. The potential recovery of this imperilled migratory songbird is strongly linked to the availability of healthy white oak forests. This collaborative effort seeks to refine forest management guidelines to better protect and enhance Cerulean Warbler habitat.

Dr. Larkin emphasises the importance of this study by stating:

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Cerulean Warbler populations have faced steep and persistent declines across North America, and their recovery is, in part, reliant upon a shift in human behaviour away from unsustainable harvesting practices that threaten white oak forests. We are delighted to collaborate with Redbreast on this research and are hopeful that together we can make a profound impact for years to come. The aim of our research is to gain actionable insights that will enable us to promote the highest standards of sustainable forest management, ultimately facilitating the species’ recovery.


Redbreast Missouri Oak will be exclusively available in the US from May 8th at RRP of $199. For more information, and selected retailers, visit the Redbreast website:

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*Based on the tasting results of the six most influential tasting competitions over the past thirteen years (2011-2023), including; The Irish Whiskey Masters, IWSC, ISC, Beverage Testing Institute, San Francisco World Spirits Competition and Ultimate Spirits Challenge.


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Redbreast Missouri Oak Edition Tasting Notes


Nose: Generous waves of sweet toffee apple and vanilla at first, closely followed by ripe blackcurrants and black cherries. The American oak embraces the pot still spices with additional notes of cinnamon and ground ginger, while nutty undertones akin to pecan pie linger gently in the background.


Taste: Rich with oak tannins that slowly subside, giving way to the luscious and creamy texture of this wonderfully balanced pot still whiskey. The sweetness continues to build in tandem with the spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, and black peppercorns along with rich berry fruits and vanilla cream.


Finish: Satisfyingly long with the nuttiness and pot still spices lingering for a time before finally yielding to the oak.