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Irish Distillers confirms that it ceased exports of Jameson to Russia as of end of April 2023

May 12, 2023
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Irish Distillers has today confirmed its products will no longer be exported to Russia.

The announcement was made as part of parent company Pernod Ricard’s decision to cease exports of all its international brands to Russia.

Pernod Ricard also announced that it will cease the distribution of their portfolio in Russia, a process that is anticipated to take some months to complete and is assessing how to adapt the local organisation in light of these decisions, while fully complying with all local legal regulations.

Since the outbreak of the war, we have utterly condemned the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

We have stood and stand firmly with the people of Ukraine, providing assistance to our local team members, including direct financial assistance, psychological support, accommodation for some employees and their families in neighbouring countries and employment outside Ukraine for those who required it.

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