Environmental Sustainability

For Irish Distillers, the use of quality natural raw materials and ingredients is a cornerstone of our business. Irish Distillers is accredited to ISO 9001 (Quality), 14001 (Environment), 22001 (Food Safety), 18001 (Safety) and FEMAS (Animal Feed Safety), going beyond the legal and regulatory requirements in force.

Irish Distillers ranks protection of the environment and sustainable agriculture among its primary concerns. The company favours the use of the most advanced techniques available to improve energy efficiency, water minimisation, recycling and preventing or limiting, as far as possible, the production of waste or pollution and their impact on the environment. Significant investment in environmental protection has been made in Midleton Distillery, which is accredited to the international environmental management standard, ISO14001. Midleton Distillery is an IE (Industrial Emissions) licensed site and comes under the scope of carbon trading legislation.

The raw material used in production are sustainable, including oak casks for maturing whiskey from oak forests in the USA. There are no wooden barrel makers (cooperages) in Ireland. The oak casks we import are mainly used to previously produce bourbon whiskey in the USA. Under US legislation only virgin oak casks can be used in production, therefore our use of the casks for whiskey maturation is a reusing exercise. There is a limited world supply of such casks, especially those sourced from sustainably managed forests.

We are one of the founding participants of the Bord Bia Origin Green initiative – an ongoing voluntary sustainability development programme that demonstrates the commitment of Irish food and drink manufacturers to operating sustainably.

We believe to really succeed and achieve excellence in our business it is essential to have a thoughtful and integrated approach to sustainability.