Stephanie Philpott, IT Graduate

August 21, 2023

Stephanie Philpott joined the Irish Distillers IT Graduate Programme in 2022 and is based in Cork. Here we chat to her about the importance of technology in the drinks industry and the highlight of her time so far on the Irish Distillers IT Graduate Programme

Why did you choose the Irish Distillers IT Graduate Programme?

I applied for the Irish Distillers IT Graduate Programme as I had been inspired by the reputable engineering and international graduate programmes already in place. The emphasis on the company’s open culture and inclusivity solidified my decision. I knew I made the right choice the minute I first spoke with the Talent Acquisition team.

 How did you find the transition from college to the workplace?

I was quite nervous for the transition into the workplace but the Irish Distillers 70/20/10 learning model has been amazing – 70% of my role is on the job learning, 20% of learning is through feedback and observation from managers and 10% is formal learning. I am able to continuously learn whilst on the job and get tangible feedback from my managers. This has enabled me build strong relationships with my managers and team, while learning and developing my own skills every day.

 Why is technology important to Irish Distillers?

Technology is one of the foundation blocks to many, if not all, of the processes involved in a successful drinks company. The constant change in technology means continuous learning and improvements within the company.

 Tell us about your current rotation on the Web Development Team?

Since I joined the IT Graduate Programme in September 2022, I have been included in so many exciting new projects. The project that stands out the most for me was the migration of the Jameson International Graduate Programme website to our global CMS platform. There’s a great sense of achievement seeing it online after working so hard on it with an amazing team.

 What has been your standout moment with Irish Distillers so far?

The ability to celebrate successes with the team has been amazing. My favourite moment so far was the Barrelman’s Bash which was held for all our employees across all our 5 main locations held in the RDS last November. The event was to celebrate the milestone of reaching 10 million cases of Jameson sold in 2022. It is great to see a company give back and recognise the hard work put in by the employees.

 What makes IDL a unique workplace?

Irish Distillers employees will always say it is like a second family, and I couldn’t agree more. I have met such amazing colleagues and friends in such a short period of time. I have always felt comfortable to contribute and am never afraid to share my voice. The history of Irish Distillers and the merging of three Irish distilleries in 1966 has shaped the culture we continue to have today. Inclusivity and diversity is a massive focus of the company which I see as a huge bonus, as at the end of the day, we are all barrelmen!

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