Redbreast dream cask port to port edition
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Introducing Redbreast Dream Cask Port to Port Edition

May 17, 2023

A limited-edition single pot still Irish whiskey with Ruby Port, Bourbon and Tawny Port influence is revealed as the sixth iteration in the Redbreast Dream Cask Series.

Redbreast Irish Whiskey, produced by Irish Distillers at its world-renowned Midleton Distillery in Co. Cork, is excited to announce the release of its highly anticipated sixth edition in the Dream Cask series, Redbreast Dream Cask Port to Port Edition.

Designed and crafted by Master Blender, Billy Leighton, this limited-edition 27-year-old single pot still Irish whiskey is a true masterpiece, bringing an innovative twist to the Redbreast Dream Cask family. Enlisting the support of Blender, Dave McCabe, the pair knew that only the most exceptional aged whiskeys would be capable of creating the perfect sixth expression in the series to preserve the coveted Redbreast Dream Cask legacy and reward loyal Redbreast advocates.

To create this exquisite whiskey, Leighton and McCabe carefully selected two casks from the Midleton inventory. After starting their life separately in bourbon and ruby port casks and ageing for 27 and 28 years respectively, the two exceptional whiskeys were then married together for a final three-month maturation period in two tawny port casks, creating an extraordinary liquid, worthy of carrying the Redbreast Dream Cask name.

Leighton notes:

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The two single pot still whiskeys which had been maturing separately were already an outstanding pairing, but the marrying period in the tawny port casks elevated the expression to new heights. The tawny port influence adds notes of baked goods, toasted nuts, and sweet almond, overall making for a complex, full bodied final liquid.

This unique new release is the first in the series where none of the fortified wine cask influence is derived from a sherry cask. However, the Redbreast DNA still shines through with a strong bourbon influence and the style of ruby port used. Both are then further enhanced by the elegant contribution of the tawny port casks.

Dave McCabe added:

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The traditional Redbreast style is mostly associated with the influence of sherry. Saying that, we took inspiration from the popularity of the port cask inclusion in Redbreast 27 Year Old, and decided to push the boundary a little bit further. By using two types of port casks for this year’s Dream Cask, we created a whiskey with a medium spice intensity along with distinctive wine driven characteristics.

We felt a three month finish in the tawny port casks was the optimal time needed, adding new layers of complexity to the whiskey. At the same time, we were conscious of preserving the individual characteristics that these two liquids had gained from their original maturation journeys.

In March 2023, after an extraordinary journey, the final liquid was bottled, marking the sixth iteration of the series. Standing as a testament to Leighton and McCabe’s dedicated craftsmanship and vast knowledge, Redbreast Dream Cask Port to Port Edition is a captivating, full-bodied Irish whiskey, that provides a complete sensory experience with a complex nose, taste, and finish that any whiskey lover would be thrilled to experience.

Available exclusively through an online ballot hosted on Redbreast’s online members’ club The Birdhouse at an RRP of opening on May 22nd at a RRP of €580. The casks yielded 870 of the 500ml bottles, each presented in keepsake book, made from recyclable cardboard, detailing the latest instalment in the Dream Cask journey.