Irish Distillers promotes a moderate drinking culture and combats alcohol misuse through education and enforcement campaigns run individually or, whenever possible, in partnership with other members of our industry, non-prot organisations and public authorities.

At Irish Distillers, we fully support the range of codes governing the marketing, sales, advertising and sponsorship of alcohol products. Our commitment to these codes ensures that all our activities are undertaken with the aim of promoting responsible consumption of our products to an adult audience.

As a leading provider of premium spirits, champagnes and wines, we have an important role to play in promoting our products responsibly to customers and consumers.

Irish Distillers contributes to delivering the global commitments of Pernod Ricard in Ireland:

Irish Distillers abides by the strict internal ethical marketing standards set by the Pernod Ricard Code for Commercial Communications. We also abide by strict codes of advertising and sponsorship in Ireland, including a pre-clearance model that sees all marketing communications assessed against the codes before being placed in media.

Irish Distillers has been developing targeted activities in Ireland for each of the ve priority areas, achieving a score of 97/100 in Smart Barometer in 2016. Smart Barometer is a measurement tool developed by Pernod Ricard and externally audited, to regularly share its contribution to the ve commitments. The Smart Barometer is a clear precise way of showing just how dedicated the Group is to promoting responsible drinking. These different initiatives provide a vivid insight into the way Pernod Ricard delivers on its commitments.

Irish Distillers is a funder of Drink Aware, which is a not-for- prot organisation with a vision of an Ireland where alcohol is not misused. Its mission is to work with others to fundamentally and permanently change attitudes and behaviours so that drinking to excess and drinking underage become unacceptable.

Pernod Ricard is signed up to the IARD Global CEO Commitments, along with eleven leading beer, wine and spirits producers and two trade associations, to further reduce the harmful use of alcohol, reinforcing the World Health Organisation (WHO) Global Strategy. This commitment reects Pernod RicardÂ’s determination, as a leader in the Wine and Spirits industry, to play a key role in inspiring a collective dynamic among the industry to spread increasingly responsible practices. We focus on activating locally the global Pernod Ricard commitments.